The Unforgettable Scent of a Cigar

Before going on my vacation trip last month, a friend of mine suggested that I get a travel humidor for some cigars. I wasn’t even a cigar smoker, but he told me that once I see the cigars, I would want to try them, and the humidor would come in handy. I took his advice and found one on a website that was for a good price. It was made of leather and had great design. I went on my trip I like planned and took in the sights and local culture.

On my first day of the trip, I walked past a person who was smoking a cigar. The aroma of the cigar was like something that I hadn’t encountered before, and I was starting to get curious about it. As the day went on, the smell lingered in my head and I had to find a way to try a cigar. I asked one of the locals where the best place to buy a cigar was, and they pointed me in the direction of a shop that specialized in them. I told the store owner that I wanted to have a cigar and that I was new to smoking them. He smiled and told me that he could help me make the right choice.

The owner showed me a lot of cigars that he thought would be perfect for someone trying them for the first time. He let me sniff the aroma of these cigars, and I liked them all. I really couldn’t make up my mind of which one would be the best, so he made me a deal. He gave me a sampler pack of these cigars to try. I was glad that he gave them to me, and after trying them all, I found one that I loved more than the others.

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