Share Buying in the UK and Making Money

I had moved to the UK when I was in my 30′s. Not knowing much about anything there, I did know that I needed to get my finances in order. I started looking for a job and getting my life set. When I finally settled, I looked into investing. I wanted to find the best UK shares to buy. Lucky for me, that was easy!

I started my hunt by looking for a financial advisor. I am not real sure of any UK rules and regulations about share buying, so I wanted to find an expert that could help me with that. I met with a few of them and felt like they were not a good match with me. They were all very knowledgeable, but they didn’t seem to want to explain anything. They were more of a “give me money, let me do the work” and that is not what I was looking for. Thankfully, I had a friend introduce me to his advisor and I was able to get a meeting with him.

He was the best guy! He was knowledgeable and was willing to sit and explain everything about share buying and selling. He felt that you shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing, unless you have a good understanding of what you are doing. After talking to him, I knew I could trust him with helping me make decisions. I had no issues with taking his advice either.

After a few months, I had a good amount of shares that I had bought on my advisor’s recommendations. I had got them cheap and then a few months later got a call from him asking if I wanted to sell them. I was confused on why and he said I would make more money if I sold them. So I did and gained a lot of money. I learned that you buy low and sell high!

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