Private Tours of Israel Are Available for Couples or Other Small Groups

Can you imagine seeing the actual places that people in the bible lived at? I live in a state here in the United States where the Founding Fathers gathered a lot. You probably have seen the George Washington slept her kind of jokes in the past, but we actually do have places within a couple of miles where he actually stayed. I walked on a trail into an area where he commanded troops. It was interesting being there on that ground. This is why I wanted any of the Israel tours we would take to be super special.

I was with my wife walking into the area where Washington had a skirmish with other forces. It was interesting and saddening to think of the human history that happened right in the spot where we were standing. If we had a time machine, we could have dialed it back in that spot and witnessed history unfold before our eyes. We do not have anything like that, but we can visit places where history has unfolded. It is so personalizing to visit a place where there is so much rich history. To actually be where things you read about have happened really changes your experience and perceptions.

My wife and I searched for Israel tours that were completely private. We found a company that could accommodate any group size including a group of two-us. The personal touch of being in a small group for a tour of Israel cannot be overstated. You can listen and guide the conversation. There is no pressure for your guide to make sure the rest of the group is happy and attentive when it is just you, your spouse and the guide. Plus, being in such a small group does not draw any attention to you. You can experience what things are really like rather than just getting the basic tour package. It makes for a much more fun trip in my opinion.

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