I Was Desperate to Get Fast Money

My grandmother lived with me for the last five years. She was unable to live on her own, so I invited her to my place. I only work part time, so that means that I could watch her most of the day to keep her safe and give her the help that she needed. When she passed away last month, I found myself unable to pay for her to be cremated. I needed quick cash immediately and was unsure of what to do at first.

I started up an account at one of those funding sites that they have these days where you can explain your plight right on the page, state how much you need, share the URL with everyone you know, and then hope that they make donations. My friends are great, and they did offer some help, but not enough for what I needed. I needed $3,500, and the donations I received only reached $1,500. I cried myself to sleep the night before the deadline with the company that needed the full amount quickly so that they could go ahead with what they needed to do.

When I woke the next morning, I felt better, but was still puzzled about how to get what I needed cash-wise. Suddenly, I remembered that there is a quick loan company nearby. I had never been in to talk to them, but I wondered if they could help me quickly or if it would be a long drawn out process. I rushed over to speak one of their employees, and they discussed the full process with me. I quickly filled out one of their applications and held my breath. I thought it might take days to hear back, but the employee told me that I would have an answer within only 5 minutes. Four minutes later, she smiled and told me that they were willing to loan me $2,000. They literally saved me!

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