I Just Designed My First Web Page

Well at least this is the first one that I ever made for a customer who paid me for the work. In the past I have made a few dozen web pages for personal use and for school projects and as favors for friends and acquaintances. This one is not particularly outstanding, but I met a guy who works full time as a table magician and he was not very happy with the web page that he had made for himself. Of course you can use the tools available to a lay person and make a decent enough site, but it is not going to look as though it was not made with a cookie cutter for obvious reasons. That is because that is basically how it works. If you look at the way they are made it is all from templates, which means that they will all look more or less familiar and it becomes chintzy, I suppose that is a good word for it.

Of course the problem with this idea is that doing the work is not really that hard, but you have to figure out how to get people to hire you. If I could find enough customers to keep me busy, then I would be able to make a really good wage at this. However the problem is that you need to find the customers and that is what is going to take most of your efforts. It is either that or you need to pay some other person to assist you at that part. Of course that means that when you work on a web page you have a certain amount of overhead, money you have to pay to some other person who is not helping you do what you are being paid to do.

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