Having a Lot of Drought Related Issues in My Garden

My lawn is fried a weird shade of brown and I am not all that concerned about it. We have had very little rain this year and I am not going to water it because I am somewhat worried about the local water table. We use a well, but I have heard about some of the people in this area having to drill new wells. What does concern me is my garden. I have been growing my own vegetables for as long as I can remember. My neighbors and I have a quarter of an acre planted in corn down the street and it is hardly worth looking at right now. We have decided to just chop the worst of it down and water the stalks which appear healthy enough to benefit.

I am watering some of my own garden, but what can not be saved I am just pulling up by the roots. It is better to save some of it than to lose it all. I am guessing that my yield is going to be around half of what it usually is and that I shall be buying fresh vegetables in season for the first time that I can remember. It will be more expensive too. I do have plenty of tomatoes, but in a normal year I would be giving away bushels of tomatoes to the church, our friends and members of the family. Some of the people I work with are so unaware of how food gets to their table that they have asked me why I did not give them vegetables and tomatos this year. Of course if it does not rain you do not have food in your garden. I am guessing that my peach trees will hardly produce any fruit this year either.

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