Monthly Archives: January 2020

I Hate the New Editions

Whenever one of my favorite movies comes on television, I always watch it, even though the version that they always show is an altered one. Years ago, the director of the film decided to add a couple of cut scenes to the film, all of which have unnecessary CGI added. These scenes are so pointless and I would rather just watch the movie without them. I don’t have a physical copy of the movie, and I’ve found out that the only way I can watch the movie as it was originally shown is by going to 123Movies.

The director of my favorite movie didn’t stop with that one film, as he updated his other movies with new CGI filled scenes. I understand that some things can look a little dated as time passes, but I think it’s better to let those film stay as they were so that viewers can see just how movies were made during the time of the release and they can see how significant film technology was at the time and how far films have evolved. The new CGI parts stand out so much and don’t really blend in well with the rest of the surroundings. I have no idea how the director looked at the CGI during the editing and decided that it was fine.

Many years from now, when my hair is gray, all of the films that are current will be old, and I hope and pray that the directors of those films don’t try to make unnecessary changes to them. It’s a good thing that I can find the original version of the film on a streaming site, but no one knows if things will be the same far into the future. For now, I can watch anything I want, and I hope it stays that way.

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